Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Better Week

This last week has been much better. I'm healing more both emotionally and physically. I'm still exhausted but I'm not sure how much of that is due to having a new baby in the house and how much is due the the surgery/anemia. Anyway, here are some of the fun things that happened this week.

Joy loves to be rocked. Katie has the only rocking chair in the house in her room and loves it. I didn't want to take Katie's chair away to give it to the baby so I was looking into getting a new glider chair. It seemed like around here the best deal we could get on a new chair was a little over $300. Last Saturday my mom (who was here helping out) walked outside to see what the weather was like and noticed a glider sitting on my next door neighbor's driveway. She spoke to our neighbor and he said that he was looking to sell it for $15. Within a few minutes Josh had paid him $15 and was carrying the chair into the house. The new chair is a beautiful blue and we decided to put it in Katie's room. She loves it.

Sunday was a wonderful day. I was able to go to church again. I haven't been in about 7 weeks due to bedrest before the birth and then all the complications after the birth. Not only was I able to go to church again but we were able to baptize Joy. Joy was perfect. She didn't cry the entire time and while Josh was reading the baptismal form she was smiling at me. The water was a little cold and she didn't mind at all. Joy seems to really like the water - she loves bathtime. It was so nice to see everyone at church again.

This week we had another big milestone. Katie moved into a big girl bed. We wanted the experience to be special so first Josh painted her room pink. When Katie saw the room she said "Wow! It's pink! It's happy!". She loves it. She had such a big smile on her face when we tucked her in and she slept in the bed all night long. We are so happy that the transition has gone so well.

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