Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eight hours isn't always great

Well Joy went 8 hours again last night. I would have almost been easier if she had done 5 and then gone back to sleep for another 4. Basically I've been up with her since 4:30AM and now of course at 7 AM she's taking a morning nap --- just in time for Katie to be up and for us to start the day. I guess I shouldn't complain though because some mom's never get these long stretches of sleep in the first year.

Joy is also getting much heavier. I weighed her on the scale by getting on with her and without her and subtracting and it seems like she is a little over 11 pounds. I think that is hard on my post-surgery body. I'm achy today and I think it is from carrying her around. It is so hard to still be recovering from the hysterectomy and all this much later.

I should give this next bit of news it's own heading but I have to announce that Katie went pee on the potty yesterday. She really enjoyed sitting on her potty for about a half and hour and when she told us she was ready to get off there it was. We are so proud of her! I don't know if she understood what she did or if it was just luck but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

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