Friday, May 16, 2008

Returning to the Activities I Love

Recovery has been slow, painful and sometimes rather depressing. I am finally able to get up and move around more and spend more time taking care of my two little girls. That has been the hardest part - not being able to be a mommy. Yesterday I knew I needed to do something special to have a little fun so I decided it was time for a photoshoot. I still can't lift more than ten pounds so Josh had to put the background up for me.

I started with Joy (while Katie was having some book time). She was fussy and as Josh left the house to go back to the office to work he doubted that I would get the picture that I had hoped for. I was determined though and even though she was fussing and crying (lots of gas - poor little girl) I managed to get pleasant looks between cries.

Next was my Katie-girl. She is such a delight. First I had to bribe her with an episode of The Backyardagins so that I could do something with her hair. I thought some low piggy tails would be cute. I was hoping that while she was watching the show she wouldn't notice me doing her hair or the studio that was set up (as soon as she sees it she wants to start her photoshoot). It worked. As soon as the episode was over I grabbed my camera and waited for her to come to the studio. She was so excited to see the setup. She ran onto the white paper and immediately gave me a pose. And then she turned into my little supermodel. She ran from one pose to the next having the best time. I only got to snap about two or three shots before she was on to the next 'look'. We haven't done many photoshoots since the pregnancy and I think she was happy to be back in business. The pictures turned out great and I was so happy I was able to capture a little of my girl's personalities.

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Becky said...

I'm so glad you are starting to feel better! Take it easy on yourself. The girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!