Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Big Girl Katie

I tried to blog about this yesterday but somehow my post got lost and I was too busy at the time to type it again...

Anyway, Katie has been growing up so much lately. First we had the big girl bed that she is so good about. She sometimes even goes up there to lay down during the day when she is tired. A couple days ago I stopped cutting her PB&J into small bites and cut it into two butterflies. She loved that and has learned to eat it that way. The other big thing she's doing is practically potty training herself. In the last 4 days she's gone pee on the potty 3 times. The last time she asked to go and then went within a few minutes. I'm so proud of her. She needs to be a big girl though because the size 6 diapers hardly fit anymore and I had to buy special big diapers for her nighttime. Anyway, my Katie is growing up and becoming such a wonderful little girl.

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