Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Great little sleeper

Joy is such a great little sleeper. She has been doing 10 hour nights now for a while. Last night she went from 9pm to 7am. She didn't actually fall asleep at 9pm but that is when she ate last - it took her about an hour to settle down and go to sleep. Anyway, it feels good to get that kind of sleep again.

Of course little Katie was up at 6:45 roaming the house and calling for "Mommy". Katie has also been doing this thing where she tries to cry like Joy. She runs around yelling "Maaaaaa Maaaaa Maaaaa" like a little lamb. I know it sounds cute - but it isn't. I have to keep a close eye on her too because she has found it fun to color where she shouldn't be coloring. I guess it is just the age.

We have still been mostly TV free here. We watched one little show yesterday while Josh was home for lunch and I had to run and get a few groceries. Katie actually asked me for TV yesterday but I offered to read to her instead and she was thrilled. She still loves the "If you give a moose a muffin" book.

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edkela said...

Glad Joy is doing so well! I have children who color in inappropriate places as well. I just noticed that the built-in wooden entertainment center has giant red marker circles all over the front. (sigh). Hope she outgrows it before she's as old as my naughty turkeys...