Friday, June 20, 2008

Hot day

It is blazing here today. I guess it is 108 degrees. We're not used to heat here in Santa Maria. We have no air conditioning so I have all the windows and blinds closed and we're hanging around the house today. Katie (who has continued to live with very little TV) is now watching Backyardagins because it is too hot for her to play outside.

The only good thing about this heat is that Joy gets to wear some warm weather clothes that Katie never got to wear (since she was born in August). She's gone through two outfits today due to a diaper incident. Anyway, I did a quick photoshoot (opening one of the blinds just slightly to let in a little light without too much heat).

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edkela said...

I thought it was bad here! It's 95ish today... hope it cools off soon for all of us!