Friday, June 20, 2008

Library Books mid-June

This is more of a post to remind me what Katie enjoyed at the library, but I thought it would be fun to post it here anyway:

These are the books Katie has been reading from the library. I'm going to return them today and get new ones so I'll write down here her reactions to them so I know what to borrow again.

Books Katie Checked Out:

If you give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff - Katie loves this one - definitely need to borrow it again - might be good to own

The Two Sillies by Mary Ann Hoberman - Katie also loved this book so I might want to look for others by this author

If you take a mouse to the movies - by Nuumeroff - Katie loved it. Great for Christmastime too.

Where the wild things are by Sendak- No interest in this book right now. Maybe borrow it again later.

Madeline by Bemelmans - She was willing to listen to it but not really too interested right now

If you give a moose a muffin - Numeroff - All the books in this series have been a hit. This one seems like the favorite. I should consider getting this one for our home library - maybe for her birthday.

Books I checked out:

Home Learning Year by Year - By Rebecca Rupp - This looks like a great resource. I looked up many of the recommendations for Katie's age. Definitely check it out again when she is older and perhaps buy if needed later for home schooling.

Fundamentals of Home schooling by Ann Lahrson-Fisher - Check out again when Katie is ready for school

Basic Montessori by David Gettman - Extremely detailed - almost in a weird way. Interesting idea about teaching a child to pour by having two jugs and beans in one and having them pour it from one to the other. Not much else. Don't bother with this one again.

Books I Bought:

The Absolute Best Play Days by Pamela Waterman. This book was recommended on page 11 of the Home Learning book by Rupp. It looked so good and seemed hard to find and I got it used at a great price. Basically it has 52 themes (enough for one for each week of the year) and ideas for books for your child to read, crafts to do, videos to watch, snacks to eat, games to play all based on that weeks theme. I think I'll try to use this with Katie this year. I just need to decide if I'll go through the themes consecutively or pick them in some other way. Then I will need to plan about a week ahead of time so I can get the books from the library and have all the supplies needed. And then maybe invite other kids over to enjoy our theme too. It looks like fun, so this book is a hit. And I found it using the Home Learning book so maybe I'll want to get that book someday.


edkela said...

Oooh! I thought of one. It's called "The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear" by Wood. We have it in board book form, but I guess there is a longer version as well (never seen it). My kids both loved it when they were around Katie's age/level.

Do you have a copy of "Slow and Steady Get me Ready"? I'm not using mine.... let me know if you want it.


Jill said...

I do have "Slow and Steady" but I have to admit I don't really like it that much.

I'll add the book by Wood to my list of ones to get at the library. I just got a whole new bunch today and I can't wait until bedtime to read them.