Friday, June 20, 2008

Little Clones

I cannot believe how much Joy and Katie look alike:

Katie is two months older than Joy in the above pictures but the expression is the same.

The above pictures the two girls are about the same age. Again Katie on left and Joy on the right.
They may look alike but there personalities couldn't be more different. You can tell in pictures even Katie's eyes always are very alert and excited and Joy is usually more relaxed. They are both sweet and special and I'm so glad to have two very unique and perfect little girls.


edkela said...

I'm not seeing it!!! I think they look totally different. IMO Katie looks more like you and Joy looks more like Josh. You should post y'all's baby pictures as well... I love to compare/contrast lmao. Please excuse my use of the word "y'all's". I'm frustrated by the lack of separate pronouns for the second person plural in the English language.

edkela said...

They are definitely sisters though! Forgot to say that on my first comment.

Rachel said...

I agree, I think they defiantly have the same facial expressions (and it's very cute to see them side by side), but Katie looks more like Jill, and Joy looks more like Josh in facial structure.