Sunday, June 1, 2008

Nine is so Fine!

Little Joy went 9 hours between feedings last night! So she didn't get up this morning until 6 AM! I am thrilled. I feel great after a full night's sleep. What a perfect night to do it too- it's Sunday and Josh got a full night's sleep.

There has been no 'crying it out' or anything like that. This all comes from having a good schedule during the day. She is up to eating 5 ounces at each feeding. Yesterday she ate every three hours (sometimes I can stretch her to 4 but not yesterday she was hungry). Anyway, I learned about it from this book I picked up for a couple dollars in the clearance bin at the book store. When I read it before having Joy I decided it was useless. Shortly after bringing her home I started searching everywhere for the book thinking maybe there was something to it. I'm glad I did. A full night of sleep is a marvelous thing.

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