Thursday, June 26, 2008

She did it again!

Joy went 13 hours last night. I went in and checked on her in the morning and she was sleeping peacefully and smiling and slept for another hour. I'm shocked, but very happy to have such a good sleeper.

Katie on the other hand has been throwing a fit this morning.

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edkela said...

Wow! I would be freaking out if Karis slept that long lol. I like to watch her breathe. It must be relaxing though. Karis will only nap in the day if she's being held (and I don't blame her with those rowdy brothers swarming around all day) and then she goes to sleep as soon as we tuck them in bed. But she gets up to feed at 12 and 4 usually. Not too bad.... I should call you sometime instead of just hanging out at your blog lol.