Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Pictures

When Katie was a baby we were in the habit of showing off her Sunday dress by taking Sunday pictures. So to continue that tradition here is Joy in her Sunday dress. The dress is from Grandma Ellis and is so cute with little lambs on it and bloomers that match. It had a sweater that goes with it too (not pictured). I realized that in just two short months I've posted a ton of pictures of Joy- but I took so many pictures of Katie that to be fair I have to be snapping that camera constantly. :o) We wouldn't want Katie to have more pictures than Joy. Of course Joy will never catch up because every time I take pictures of her, Katie usually wants hers taken too (with today being the exception).

We had a good day at church today. I found that by letting Katie play with a sticker book I could sit through more of the service --- or I would have been able to if Joy didn't have a poopy diaper that needed changed.
Katie had on a cute dress today too, but she really prefers studio shots to candid shots and wasn't interested in posing at the moment (is the child model union on strike - LOL).

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Netspartyof6 said...

I can't believe how expressive Joy is.. I bet she is going to be just like her big sister.. both girls are just beautiful..