Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This morning...

Two interesting things happened this morning. First of all Katie decided to get up with the sun at 6 AM and go downstairs and sit in her highchair and wait. She wasn't upset or anything - she was just sitting there patiently waiting for us to wake up and feed her. Very silly.

The other thing is that Joy went 12 and a half hours between feedings. We normally feed her at 6 or 7 pm and then keep her up so we can top her off at around 9 pm and then put her to bed. She starts looking really tired around the 6 or 7pm feeding though and so last night we decided not to keep the poor girl up and let her go to sleep at 6 PM after she ate. We figured we'd be up at 4 AM or so to feed her. Well, she wasn't up. She slept all the way through. She never really wanted to eat much at the 9PM feeding anyway and was getting plenty in her other 4 feedings. I'm very excited that our little baby is sleeping 12 hours before she's even three months old!

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