Thursday, July 3, 2008

DVR not working correctly

So for the last week my DVR hasn't been working properly. It says it is going to record Jay Leno for me and then it doesn't. I can't stay up late enough to make sure it does its important task so it is an unpleasant surprise every morning. I love DVR'ing Jay Leno and then watching just the monologue and the next little funny part right before bed. Of course there are only 5 Leno episodes a week and 7 nights a week so just two weeks ago I started recording Jimmy Kimmel as well for the 'no Leno' nights. His monologue isn't nearly as good but it gets me through the 'No Leno' days. Well the DVR doesn't like Kimmel either and isn't recording him (even though it promises it will in the To-Do list.

I've tried reseting the machine and it still didn't work. It still however recorded Backyardagins and we now have 49 episodes of that safely recorded for Katie to watch whenever we need a break. I am reluctant to complain to the company that it isn't working because what if they give us a new one and we lose all those episodes of Backyardagins. Leno really isn't that important - I do have my priorities.

Sigh. Maybe the machine will fix itself soon. He's probably just reruns this week anyway due to the 4th of July weekend coming up.

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