Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Library Book Reviews

Okay, I need to run to the library today to pick up a photo shop book I have on hold (Scott Kelby's channels book) so I thought I'd review all Katie's books (even though they aren't due yet) so I can return the ones she doesn't really love.

Llama, Llama mad at mama by Anna Dewdney - This book was recommended by my friend Crystal and I'm so thankful she suggested it. Katie LOVES it. I think Katie looks forward to bedtime so we can read it together. I often end up reading this one to her several times a day. It has such a fun rhyme to it and I can pause and Katie can say the missing words. This is a book that we should own because I'm sad at the thought of returning it and will probably renew this one.

The seven silly eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman - This is a cute book and we've enjoyed it but we don't need to own it. I might want to check it out again someday. It was not as good as her book "The Two Sillies".

The eensy weensy spider by Mary Ann Hoberman - I really haven't read this to Katie much. I guess it didn't strike either one of us as fantastic.

Richard Scarry's Busy Busy Town by Richard Scarry - Katie prefers to look at this one all by herself rather than have it read to her. She was really into it for the first week but hasn't hardly looked at it since. I might want to get other books by this author though and see if we can't find something that will be a huge hit. There is potential here.

Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson - This is supposed to be a classic. And I like the way it really shows how fun imagination can be but Katie and I really didn't enjoy it. It really wasn't colorful enough (something very important to Katie) and with no color and no rhyme we really didn't like it.

Go, Dog, Go! by P D Eastman - This is the household favorite. It has been wonderful for Katie. She loves loves loves it! There is this part where two dogs greet each other and one asks the other if he likes her hat and Katie loves that part and recites it regularly during the day. Katie can practically read this book to herself. We really need to buy this book but in the meantime I plan to renew it. It is a must for bedtime every night.


bellebearberry said...

We LOVE Go Dog Go here too!!

edkela said...

Atticus loved Go Dog Go! The hat part was his favorite too.

Crystal said...

I am so glad she liked "Llama Llama mad at mama" Troy loves it and I kinda enjoy reading it myself! ;)