Monday, July 28, 2008

The Zoo (last Friday)

On Friday we all went to the Santa Barbara Zoo.
Here is Josh sliding down the slippery hill with Katie:

Grandma and Grandpa with baby Joy:

They had a lot of birds there:

I was very happy with my polarizer and fancy camera. This was a low light situation through glass and it came out great:

Look! Look!:

You could smell the elephants long before you could see them. LOL! Here is one of them:

Katie and Daddy:

I have to say how wonderful it was to be walking around a zoo with my girls and realizing that just three months ago I was recovering from a life threatening situation and was unable to even get up to go to the bathroom. Praise God for continued healing.

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edkela said...

Glad you're doing so well!! I'm jealous of your camera... I don't even have photoshop anymore... it died when we moved. I'm in the lovely and limited world of iPhoto now.... ugh! Cute pics!