Thursday, September 11, 2008

She can read and spell

Katie loves letters. She learned their names and all of the sounds and has had that down for over 6 months now (right before Joy was born). Then she learned how vowels are sticky and how they stick two of the other letters together to make words; like C-A-T. She loves to spell cat. She spells it on the fridge, with her puzzle pieces, and in the bathtub with those letters. Now she is learning complex phonics. Yesterday she spelled SHUT and WAIT. She knows that when S and H come together they make a new sound shhhhh. And she knows that when two vowels go a walkin' the first one does the talking A and I say "A".

So, would you like to know the secret? I'm not just some amazing teacher. I do surround her with the tools for learning. We have letters in every room of the house but that isn't why she knows advanced phonics.

Okay, so here's the secret. Leapfrog. More specifically their DVD's. The Letter Factory, The Talking Words Factory, and The Complex Word Complex (it's called something else but that's what Katie and I call it). She watched the first DVD every single day at least once for two weeks and then knew all her phonic sounds. The second video she watched mouthing all the words because she has it memorized. And the third video she is quickly absorbing.

Anyway, that's my mommy tip for the day. A friend told me about it and I was skeptical. I wanted to sit down with books and teach my child to read and I didn't think that any DVD could do it for me. I do read to Katie a lot but the DVD taught her the specifics with cute songs and animation.

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Sami said...

Good tip! I will have to keep that in mind for Karis!