Friday, October 31, 2008

Eating Worms and Carving Pumpkins - Happy Reformation Day!

Tonight we are having a Reformation Day Party at church. On October 31st 1517 Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door in Wittenberg. So in honor of that I made a dessert to honor the famous speech at the Diet of Worms. This is one of many little pudding pies I made with pudding, oreos crushed and blended to look like dirt and then a gummy worm on top.
This year we had some fun with pumpkins too. Katie "helped" (read watched) me carve a Mickey pumpkin and then immediately asked for a Goofy Pumpkin. So I gutted another pumpkin and Josh did the carving on it. I think they turned out pretty well and they really make our Katie very happy.


Kathy Eller said...

uh I cant believe how well they turned out. Wow. They are perfect. AND you both can do it. In our family only one parent can do stuff like's not me.

See ya tonight :)

kayla said...

i love the pumpkins!You have a great blog. i found you some how when i was looking for things on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia. I iwish you all the best.