Saturday, October 18, 2008

Funny Faces

It appears my kids get very expressive at about this age. I think it is teething faces. Last night Joy was particularly fussy and wouldn't take a pacifier. She was fussing so my mom and I were playing with her patting our hand on her mouth making the "wa wa wa" sound when she cried - this usually makes her laugh but I guess she didn't want to laugh so she shut her mouth tight and gave us funny faces. I grabbed the camera and snapped some pics and these are what I got.


Corinne Doughan said...

I love the last one espcially!!! Her eyes are so BIG in all of these! She's adorable.

Kathy Eller said...

She is sooo adorablely cute! You make me want a better camera, but I think there may be a lot more to your good pictures than having a decent camera--YOU ARE GOOD.

I am Katy, said...

How cute. That last one is great.