Saturday, October 25, 2008

No, Thank you

I didn't get to watch my favorite cartoon this morning. I love "Charlie and Lola", apparently Katie isn't as thrilled. This morning after breakfast she was walking upstairs to go play and I said "Katie don't you want to watch Charlie and Lola". She looked at me and said "No". So I tried to convince her "But we love Charlie and Lola" and she replied "No, Thank you!". At least she was polite. Maybe Joy will like Charlie and Lola someday. Yesterday's episode was especially good. Lola was supposed to clean her room and kept playing with all the toys instead - the way she did it was exactly how I would have done it. But then when she finally did clean the room up and got it completely tidy her brother lays one book out of place and she gets after him. That is soooooo like me too. I'm messy but once things are clean it annoys me when others don't keep it that way.

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