Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Katie is talking so much more lately. She is also getting more conversational. Tonight was especially great because after Joy went to bed Katie and I had a half an hour of time together and we were able to work on our workbooks which are teaching writing. Katie is holding the crayons well and starting to really "get it". Each page I would ask her if she wanted to do another page or if she was tired and wanted to go and read some books. We got through many pages as she kept saying "Yay". Finally when she was through she said "No" and we went and read books and got ready for bed. She almost always says "Yay" rather than "Yes". She is able to say "Yes" but prefers "Yay". I love it. I think it is super cute.

Joy will be 6 months old tomorrow. I plan a big 'ol photo shoot of course. Check back in tomorrow night and if my photo shoot is successful I should have some pictures of both of my girly girls.

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Kathy Eller said...

WOW six months already!

We echo "yay" for Katie. I guess it's a big deal to be able to hold a crayon the right way. Madelyn wasnt ready for school for a while adn couldnt hold a crayon or pencil the right way. Apparently it's a milestone.