Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Having Fun

Today was an interesting day. Last night Josh got rid of the rotting pumpkins. I really hoped that Katie wouldn't notice. Unfortunately for me it was the very first thing she noticed. All day I heard "Oh no! Where'd pumpkins go!" "Pumpkins where are you?!?!?!" "Pumpkins GONE, OH NO!" etc.... on and on.

Then we went and voted. Each of the girls got "I voted" stickers. Joy ate hers. Actually Josh got it out of her mouth before she swallowed it but she was definately trying to eat her sticker. I'm not used to a baby that eats everything but baby food. Katie wasn't one to put things in her mouth because she was never without her pacifier. Joy isn't so much into the pacifier so we are in for some trouble in the eating things department.

Later in the day we had a little fun with a blonde wig and got the following silly pictures:

Notice her "I Voted Stickers" You know those ACORN workers, they'll let anyone vote.
And we also had fun with my new photography prop baby scale. Only I don't have a newborn to lay on it so I removed the newborn tray and put my chunky little Joy on it.


Reed Family said...

Thanks for the laugh. Kevin and I really enjoyed the new pictures.

Corinne Doughan said...