Tuesday, November 18, 2008

She finally rolled over!

Joy finally rolled over from her back to her tummy today. And now she is trying to figure out how to get the pacifier that is in front of her. Maybe crawling will be next?


Kathy Eller said...

Crawling? Oh no! BUT she is so cute just sitting there :)

I am tagging you :)


Amandolin said...

Joy rolled over? I can't believe I am missing this stuff. I feel like, like ...an aunt who is being cheated. I thought life would wait for me. Tell Joy to stop! You know, I am really ready to make a run for it.

Oh and no poop...

Amandolin said...

Hey! It was Michelle not Amanda who posted the last comment.

Kiss her for me (Joy, not Amanda. This is confusing!)

Much love,