Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

Another year is here. 2008 was a rough year for our family and many others too, but it also brought many good things including Joy. I look forward to starting a new year without morning sickness, swelling, bedrest or major surgery. I hope that this year I will have the energy and ability to do many fun activities with the girls as well as get my house clean and organized.

It will be fun to see how much the girls change this year. Katie is 3 1/3. She is starting to communicate better now but still sometimes forgets to use her words. She loves Mickey Mouse and the Backyardagins. She loves to play with her toy food, have tea parties, play princess, be a mommy to her baby dolls (who are coincidentally named Katie and Joy). She knows her letters and all their sounds and can spell simple words. She is trying to learn to write but we haven't spent much time on that yet. She loves to dance. She loves to play with baby Joy and show her all her toys and tell Joy what the toys name is and have it dance (she also uses voices for the toys).

Joy is 8 months old (almost 9) and really wants to learn to crawl. She can go from sitting position into crawling position and will rock on all fours before falling to the laying on her belly position. She seems to be very verbal too. She loves to mimic sounds and I know most people won't believe this but many of us have witnessed her trying to sing little songs - especially "Jingle Bells". She has several consonants and often says "mama" and "baba" and "dada".

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edkela said...

I believe you! Karis is trying so hard to talk. She has about 8-10 words that she says (but only I can understand). She doesn't sing, but she dances lol. It is amazing how much they have in their heads already at this age! Katie sounds like she is still keeping up with Atticus on the spelling... We just started "silent final E" this week. He loves it.... the "E" bonks the earlier vowel and makes it say a different sound... thinks it's so funny.... I should be typing on my own blog instead of yours lol....