Sunday, February 8, 2009

Joy's milestones

the last two weeks have been biggies for Joy. After she learned to crawl she quickly decided that she wanted to learn to walk. Before she learned to crawl she wouldn't put any weight on her legs. She refused to stand. When the doctor tried to get her to stand at her 9 month appointment she held her legs straight out and refused to put them down (which takes a lot of strength and determination). The day she started crawling she decided she would put weight on her legs. In fact, she has become determined to walk. In the last 5 days she has started pulling up on everything. This morning for the first time when I went in her room to get her up she was standing waiting for me. With much pulling up comes a lot of falling too. Each day she gets a little bit stronger.

Last monday she had her first ear infection. Hopefully her last. Her left ear. The amoxicillian seems to be working and she seems to be feeling much better now.

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