Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Joy is 1

Joy is now officially one year old. She has two teeth (no sign of any more yet), a messy head of blonde hair, the ability to crawl and coast and stand (but not brave enough to walk quite yet) and apparently the ability to feed herself with a fork and spoon (we found this out when we gave her birthday cake and she wanted to feed it to herself with a fork rather than with her hands. She is a happy baby. She loves playing patty-cake. She has amazing communication skills. This week she started saying two word sentences like "Hi Joy" and "Hi Katie". She also says mama, baba, dada and night night. She also loves to shake her head yes and no. She is a very busy little girl. She doesn't have much time to sit and cuddle with mommy and daddy she has things to do. We gave her a puzzle for her birthday with locks and latches on it because she always likes to play with the latch on my resonator bell case. She doesn't like to be confined. She will play in the exersaucer but only if she has a lot of gerber fruit puffs to eat. She loves music. She likes to sit at the piano and play. She can "sing" songs. The words aren't there but the notes sure are! She loves to put things in her mouth. It is getting a bit better but there were days when I was removing things that she shouldn't have from her mouth several times a day. She loves her big sister and wants to be with her. Katie loves her too. The other day Katie was pretending to talk on the phone (her toy one) to her friend from church and she pretended that the friend had asked her to come over but she said she couldn't because she was going to play with baby Joy all day. Joy loves the stairs. She would love to be climbing stairs all the time. It might just be because we have them gated off and the forbidden is fun but as soon as that gate opens she gets over to them within seconds and starts climbing. Joy loves to take a bath. She doesn't mind getting the water dumped on her head (there are others in the house who really hate that part) and she loves to splash in the water. Joy is very patient with her toys. She does not get frustrated easily. She has good motor skills and was able to put toy "coins" into her toy "piggy bank" the first day she had the new toy. She does not like diaper changes (she is fascinated by the potty so there is some big hope here that training might be easy for her). She has no interest in the television at all. The only time I've really seen her interesting in a screen was the computer screen when it was a video of Katie. She is my sweet little baby and I'm so glad to have her. :o)