Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It has been a year and several months since I have updated this blog. My little girls are growing up quickly.

Katie is now 5 years old. She is just about the sweetest and loving little girl in the whole world. She is also a perfectionist. We tried school last year when she turned 4 and got through Kindergarten math and some reading. This year we are doing full Kindergarten. So far we are diligently working our way through Saxon 1 for math, doing some reading, handwriting, music and art. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes she struggles. A few weeks ago she couldn't quite understand the concept of opposites and now she is a pro at that. This week's struggle is ordinal numbers (first, second, third, last). I can't tell you how many times I've lined up her toys and explained the concept. I'm sure she'll get it - I think God is teaching me patience. Katie's evening routine will kinda show a little of her character. Each night we read 1-3 books. She loves books. Her favorites are Madeline, Angelina Ballerina, and Little Red Riding Hood. Then she prays. Her night prayer goes like this "Dear Jesus, Thank you for my wonderful Mom
my, my wonderful Daddy, my wonderful little sister Joy, and my library books. I love my food. And help me not to cry in Sunday School. In Jesus Name, AAAAA-Men!". She is asking not to cry in Sunday School because she tends to cry when she makes any type of mistake and I have instructed her she shouldn't cry about her mistakes especially in Sunday School. So far God has been faithful to answer that prayer.

Joy is 2.33 years old. She is one smart little girl. She talks in paragraphs. Last week we gave up her pacifier "Fluffy". I was sad to see Fluffy go, but it was most certainly time. I had tried to wean her off of it by telling her to keep Fluffy in her crib but she wouldn't have that. She would obediently leave it in the crib but then sneak up there as soon as she could, get a stepstool, and get Fluffy back. So I had to start hiding Fluffy during the day. I told her Fluffy was for babies and Fluffy had to help babies during the day. That seemed like a noble cause to her and after about a week Fluffy took on a night job helping babies too and we haven't seen him since. She still has her blanket, and I have no intentions of taking that lovey from her. Joy begs to do school. She really wants to learn. She loves to draw and even wrote her name once. She draws the cutest pictures of people. They have no bodies. They are just big happy heads with crazy hair and arms and legs growing out of them. She has been doing that since about 18 months. Joy loves to play with blocks. She is very careful and can build really high towers on very little foundation. Sometimes she can even build a high tower on the carpet (much harder than the hard floor). She loves to play outside, and is always begging to go to the park. She is getting more loving and sweet everyday.

The girls really love each other. They say they are "best friends". The play make believe together all the time. Sometimes there will be purple or pink dragons (that are nice not scary), tickle monsters, fairies in distress, and robots who say "cheese". Katie will "read" books to Joy and sometimes they will play nicely together for hours. They love to play dress up and get dressed up as fairies and ballerinas. I'm so glad they enjoy each other so much.

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