Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I have a three year old (April 08) who has been begging to learn. She has been talking for a long time, in fact she loves to talk about her talking. She will tell you that she was a "talking baby". She has been able to write her name and draw pictures for some time now. She has that second born drive that leads her to attempt to be able to do everything her big sister does. I used to do school with Katie while she napped but she stopped napping at 2 years old. Now she wants to do it all. It is really hard to say no to a child who is demanding to learn. So we started "preschool" this morning. It started with a phonics and writing lesson (she did amazingly well). She did Math-U-See with us and worked on writing her numbers so she can meet that pre-requisite for the program. She listens to long stories with no pictures, she memorizes her Bible verses, she helped us sort pictures for grammar and colored her own map for geography.

The other day I turned on the evening news to see what was going on in the world. Joy sat down next to me and said "Mommy do you like this". I said I did so she sat down and started watching. They had a story on how much sugar is in chocolate milk and how plain milk is better for you. My girls regularly have chocolate milk (because her sister won't drink it otherwise and I'd rather her have chocolate than none at all). Joy demanded plain milk for dinner that night because the news told her it was better for her. She has since forgotten the news story and gone back to chocolate milk.

A few weeks ago we were at family camp. Joy being three years old should have been
in the nursery but I felt like it wouldn't be right to have her in there and asked if she could sit in on the 4-5 year old class. She sits through Sunday school at church and has been doing so since 2.5 and so I knew she could handle it. Well, she did great. One day after class she was sitting drawing on her magna doodle and I asked her who she was drawing. She told me Ananias. And then the next person she drew was Barnabas. She told me that Barnabas was Paul's friend and that Paul's other name was Saul but they are the same person. I was amazed.

Most of the time though she isn't drawing Bible characters or watching the evening news. Most of the time she is making a big mess with toys, cutting paper into teeny tiny pieces for me to clean up, taping things (not to each other but just placing tape on paper as a decoration --- plain invisible tape)..... I just asked her why she does this tape thing --- she said "Shhhh... I can't tell you" and walked away giggling with the tape dispenser. Earlier today I caught her writing her name on toys so they would be hers and not her sister's. She is always up to something.

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