Friday, May 9, 2014

Dreaming of Photoshop World

Hey everyone. I've entered in a photo contest to win a free entry to Photoshop World. This would be a dream for me. The contest is a Mother's Day contest and I feel like a mother should win. I was in first place this morning but was passed up by 100 votes within a few hours today. I'm currently in 2nd place. I entered a picture of my daughter and I that I took when she was almost 2 months old. As a professional photographer I dreamed of setting up my studio and taking many pictures of her as a newborn. I was unable to do so because I almost died two weeks after giving birth to her due to a condition placenta accreta which the doctors did not catch. I spent her entire third week of life in the hospital fighting for my life and after two surgeries and many blood transfusions a hysterectomy saved my life but made my two little girls special "limited editions". Although I was extremely anemic, and still recovering; six weeks after my surgery I attempted to set up my studio and capture a little bit of what was left of that "newborn look". I gave my husband the camera and had him capture this mother and child portrait.

So if you'd like to help me have a chance to go to Photoshop World to improve my photography skills just click on this link and press like (if you have a Facebook account).  It is that simple.  
Thanks so much!

Click on this link here to Vote!

If you or someone you know has placenta accrete and would find my story helpful you can find the entire story here.

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